7 Ways to Layoff-Proof Your Career

1. The Success Journal

We are often so focused on selling our clients’ and company’s successes that we lose sight of our own accomplishments and growth along the way.

2. Staying Present and Showing Up

3. Nurture Your Relationships

4. Polish the ol’ Resume

Summarizing your life’s work and accomplishments in a page or two is no easy undertaking.

5. Be Your Best Virtual Self

Keeping your LinkedIn/portfolio/website updated will put you ahead of the game and potentially open up possibilities you didn’t even know existed.

6. Make an (ethical) Backup

7. Don’t Underestimate The Side Hustle

Side-hustles can not only provide an opportunity to diversify with multiple income streams but also give you the chance to explore hobbies, learn new skills, and grow your network.



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Christina Van Buskirk

Christina Van Buskirk

I help storytellers write their next chapter… Founder of Janeiro Talent, career consultant, and creative / communications recruiter. Lifelong digital nomad.