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  • Richard Bretzger

    Richard Bretzger

    Remote Work, Leadership, Mindfulness and Technology. @ Stanwood Development & Consulting

  • Kim Martin

    Kim Martin

    A thought leader in the areas of executive leadership, change management, and women in the C-suite.

  • Gholamreza Zare

    Gholamreza Zare

    Writer, Coder, Ph.D. candidate (Computer Software engineering), IT Manager, Ghrzarea@gmail.com, https://amazon.com/author/zare, https://rpdata.medium.com/

  • Jenn Bennett

    Jenn Bennett

  • Ed Orozco

    Ed Orozco

    I Help Design Teams Grow Through UX Strategy, DesignOps, & Business Development. https://edorozco.com/

  • Blue Violet

    Blue Violet

  • Araxie Miller

    Araxie Miller

    I used to design video games, then I designed products. Now I build diverse design teams.

  • Andy Sto

    Andy Sto

    Digital Nomad focused in #remotework and #digitalnomadism

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