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  • Walker Ikard

    Walker Ikard

    HIT SINGER/WRITER You can see my photo and stream my songs at youtube.com, spotify.com, amazon.com, napster.com and on other digital platforms. Follow now!

  • Ernst van Woerden

    Ernst van Woerden

    Head of Product Design at Our World in Data

  • Robert Sens

    Robert Sens

    Interaction designer & team lead. Former iXD at frog, Pratt alumni. Working somewhere near the intersection of design, technology and strategy.

  • Raquel Breternitz

    Raquel Breternitz

    Designer, writer, speaker, weirdo. Very good at reading the internet. Sometimes I get emotional about fonts.

  • Jason Apton

    Jason Apton

    User Experience Designer for Harrison and Star

  • Araxie Miller

    Araxie Miller

    I used to design video games, then I designed products. Now I build diverse design teams.

  • Kate Darmody

    Kate Darmody

    Product Design Expert, Writer and Creative. I build products & tell stories. Work in The Startup, Bootcamp, Muzli & UX Collective.

  • Richard Bretzger

    Richard Bretzger

    Remote Work, Leadership, Mindfulness and Technology. @ Stanwood Development & Consulting

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